What Is SGE

The Special Government Employee (SGE) Program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during Voluntary Protection Programs' (VPP) onsite evaluations. Not only does this innovative program benefit OSHA by supplementing its on-site evaluation teams, but it gives industry and government an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas.

Qualified volunteers from VPP sites are eligible to participate in the SGE program. These volunteers must be approved by OSHA and funded by their companies to participate. After submitting an application and completing the required training, these volunteers are sworn in as SGEs and are approved to assist as VPP on-site evaluation team members.

As VPP grows, the support of SGEs will continue to be a critical component of the programs. The SGE Program encompasses the spirit of VPP - industry, labor, and government cooperation. This cooperation embodies the idea of continuous improvement, which allows SGEs to bring a unique perspective to the team effort and take back to their sites ideas and best practices to further improve worker protections.

For more information about the SGE program, visit the OSHA SGE Webpage


SGE Training

The Special Government Employee (SGE) classes are offered in all the Regions across the US. For all training classes, you can visit the OSHA SGE webpage. For upcoming classes in Region IV, go to the education tab.


SGE Winners - Region IV

Each year, OSHA selects a SGE of the Year in each region and then selects one overall SGE of the Year. Region IV, is proud of those that has won the Region IV SGE of the Year. The previous winners are:

2019: Danny Province - GE Appliances (Decatur, AL)

2018: Daniel Evans - Southwire, Inc (Carrollton, GA)

2017: Merrill Dickinson - Marine Corp Logistics (Albany, GA)

2016: Danny McCree - Johns Manville (Flowood, MS)

2015 : Jeff Moyer - Florida Power & Light (Fort Myers, FL)

2014 : Maxwell Bassett - Naval Air Station (Jacksonville, FL)

2013 : Daniel Evans - Southwire Company (Carrollton, GA)

2012 : Chris Meeks - Southwire Company (Carrollton, GA)

2019 Winner: Danny Province  (GE Appliances - Decatur, AL)

2019 Winner: Danny Province

(GE Appliances - Decatur, AL)