The Mentoring Program is a process to assist companies/facilities interested in the VPP or improving their safety and health management systems. The program matches interested sites with current VPP Star sites to help them achieve VPP recognition. In selecting a mentoring match, consideration is made for similar experiences, industries, geographic location and union representation when choosing prospective mentors.

Once a match has been made, the sites form a unique relationship based on the needs of the mentored site and the time and resources available to the mentor.

The Mentoring Program is a free resource provided by the association to sites regardless of membership status.


A highly effective tool, the VPPPA Mentoring Program has many success stories to its credit. The advantage for the mentee is obvious at a first glance. The mentor is not only interested in the success of the mentee site, but often becomes a teacher to guide the site on its journey. With the mentor, the mentee has access to a ready resource and support that will prove invaluable as the mentor directs the mentee through the process.

However, mentoring is truly mutually beneficial. Mentors also have an opportunity to improve their safety and health knowledge during the process. They will learn new ways of doing things and feel empowered by contributing to another site's success. Not to reinvent the wheel works for the mentee and the mentor. Both sites can learn from each other and strengthen their safety and health management systems along the way.

For more information and/or questions, complete the Mentor / Mentee Request Form or contact Mark Hall at (678) 302-2796 or email: